Water Level Control Base on PC

Water level control base on PC is system designed to control the water level in a vessel to reach level desired. PPI 8255 is being used as connector between an external hardware and computer (PC).

Analogue data describes water level sensor will be converted to digital data using ADC and delivered to the computer through PPI 8255, known as better interface than printer port as I/O. Based on the data taken from the water level sensor,computer will process the controlling refers to the instruction of delphi. The Control System does not control 1 pump only, but also control 2 until 16 pumps all at once based on the created programme.

Users enters the set point values which is needed and received by the controller peripheral of control system to get the result of water level control base on PC. Experiment was done by controlling water level in level range 0 – 12 litre with 1 pump. The pump will be off when water level already reach of water level desired. It takes time 96 seconds or 1, 6 minutes in order to reach maximum water level.

Key Word : PC, PPI 8255, Water level control.


3 Responses to Water Level Control Base on PC

  1. Kunaifi says:

    Terima kasih atas komentar di blog saya. Moga-moga sukses selalu, Ver.


  2. novertaeffendist says:

    sama-sama pak..

  3. Glenn Lee says:

    Very interesting learning about the depths of how these kinds of systems are based on a computer system.

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